Although Audio Marketing is a young company, we build on more than 15 years’ experience in the Danish music- and audio marketplace.

Our object is to offer companies in the business with interests in Denmark an easy, economic and professional way to keep in touch with customers and business associates on these shores.

The cornerstone is our experience in authoring, graphic design and Danish translations, combined with a thorough knowledge of the companies, workflows and persons in the business.

To you, this means an opportunity to be visible in the market - on the Net as well as in the printed media - without

having to contribute to the rent in a posh bureau domicile - and without the need to explain to laymen exactly what it is your product does better than all the others.

Would you like to advertise in one or more local magazines?

Do you want a Danish angle to your product news?

Or do you need a brochure in Danish explaining about your most recent product?

Either way, you have come to the right place - Check out the “Services” page to see some suggestions - and when you have, call or mail us for an informal discussion of the possibilities.